Welcome to TapasMe, a culinary destination where passion meets the plate. We celebrate cultures that converge through our meticulously crafted menu, a symphony of flavors. Our menu consists of handpicked Euro-Asian delicacies served on small plates known as tapas. Each dish is a masterpiece, crafted with the finest locally and globally sourced ingredients. Our chefs, who are true culinary artisans, push the boundaries of taste and presentation to create a journey of culinary discovery with every bite.


We’ve created an ambiance to showcase contemporary architecture. We aim to offer a memorable experience in a relaxed environment. The burnt orange interior and cultural wall textures create a refined feel. The sprawling bar pays tribute to the luxurious lounge and exclusive dining table of the prohibition age.


Our cuisine blends European and Asian flavors, offering an unforgettable dining experience. We draw inspiration from the culinary traditions of Euro-Asia and infuse our dishes with a playful twist. At TapasMe, our menu features lighter fare, focusing on shareable small plates. Our menu highlights include sushi rolls, dim sum, gyozas, and pides.


Our mixologists have crafted a range of cocktails to take you on a journey, sip by sip. Whether it’s a happy hour or accompanying a meal, our team will help you experience their exquisite creations.